Videos, Links, & Files

Here are some great links that promote and define the US FIRST Robotics program.

The first two links are a great promotional, introductory look at FIRST Robotics.

What’s FIRST? (5:33)

Morgan Freeman talks about FIRST (3:17)

The next collection of links are from the 2012 Kick-off – last year’s game “The Rebound Rumble”.

The “All Chapters” link will show the entire video in one clip. The individual chapter links will show the specific video and auto start the next chapter. Each chapter has a different message and all were informative to me as a rookie, however I especially liked Chapters 5 and 8 where Woody Flowers and Dean Kamen, respectively, gave their insight into the FIRST program.

If you have time time to watch the whole video, then use this first link.

2012 Kickoff Video – All Chapters (1:09:34)

If you want to pick a specific chapter, or return to specific chapters after watching the full video, then use the following chapter links.

Chapter 1 – Colbert and Dudas (2:12)
Chapter 2 – Bush (0:46)
Chapter 3 – Havenstein and Chairmans Award Team 59 (4:19)
Chapter 4 – Clinton (1:13)
Chapter 5 – Colbert and Flowers (8:01)
Chapter 6 – Scholarship (1:31)
Chapter 7 – Kent (2:12)
Chapter 8 – Dean Kamen (21:38)
Chapter 9 – Kit of Parts (3:40)
Chapter 10 – Chopra (0:58)
Chapter 11 – Kipman and Kinect (3:10)
Chapter 12 – Bolden (3:29)
Chapter 13 – Heppelmann (2:41)
Chapter 14 – GDC (1:01)
Chapter 15 – Miller and Safety Award Team 3705 (6:19)
Chapter 16 – Browne and (2:09)
Chapter 17 – Field Reveal (0:32)
Chapter 18 – Game Animation (2:59)
The following links are a great place to start learning about the FIRST Robotics program. Of course the more you learn the more questions you will have and the more links you will find.

It is important to understand that the primary purpose of the FIRST Robotics program is not to teach specific skills, but to inspire young adults to seek the knowledge by challenging teams to compete in a “Sport for the Mind”. Make no mistake, this will be “… the Hardest Fun you will ever Have !”

Watch the Kick-off on NASA TV

MHS Robotics Team Project Dashboard (login required) This is where the team members and mentors track the tasks against the project plan.
Note: You must register with JazzHub and send an email with your name and userid to Mr. Seifert before you can access the dashboard.

Administrative and Game Manuals Find up to date Admin and Game manuals here. Also, the Team Update Manual contains all the changes.

Kit of Parts All information regarding the KoP including virtual parts (vouchers) can be found here.

Team Information Management System (TIMS, login required) Used by the team coaches to register and manage the MHS Robotics team.

Student Team Information Member System (STIMS, login required) Used by the student team members to register with FIRST and submit their FIRST Consent and Release form.

US FIRST website. This is the top level page for learning about the program and its mission and goals established by Mr Dean Kamen, Founder and Dr. Woody Flowers, FIRST National Advisor.

FIRST Robotics Competition (FRC) for high school students. This is our program.

FIRST in Michigan provides information about the FIRST Michigan program.

FRC Calendar This link contains all of the events for the 2013 season. Some are required others are optional, but all events are there to help us navigate the program.

Promotional Material Use this link to find posters, statistics, etc for marketing our team to the community and potential sponsors.

Ask an Expert There are conference calls scheduled on the FRC calendar where we can ask questions of the Senior Mentor staff. These calls are recorded and the audio is posted on this link. Good information to hear.

Awards This is part of the Administrative Manual, but was something did not fully understand until I found this chapter. There are many competitions besides “the game” that are just as prestigious as winning the game. This is our rookie year and we have a lot of new ground to cover, but if we have talent in these areas and want to submit an entry – by all means, let’s stretch our goal.

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