Forms & Documents

FIRST Consent & Release In order to participate in FIRST events, everyone must accept the online Consent & Release form. This is done by both the student and the parent/guardian. The student creates an account or logs into an existing account in the Student Team Information Management System (STIMS) and completes the form to initiate the process. This will trigger an email to the parent/guardian who creates their account in STIMS and completes the process.

JazzHub Project We are using JazzHub to manage our Work Items (tasks) and artifacts (code, documents, etc). To request an account in our JazzHub project, send an email to Mr. Seifert and designate the email you want to use. An invitation will be sent to your email with a link to our JazzHub project. You will be asked to create and IBM Account. Just provide the minimum information. You do not need to provide your address and phone.

MHS Permission Form The Marshall School System requires that students leaving school for club trip must have a signed permission form for each trip. You can download these forms here. Please return the signed form to Mrs. Robinson or bring it to the trip.

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