Fund Raising

The Red Hot Chili Bots is involved in the following online fund raisers and hope you find the products useful and choose to purchase them on behave of our team.

ImpactBatteryLogo uses “Impacting Communities One Battery at a Time” as their tag line because 1% of all purchases is directed to various charities and a portion of any purchase on essay editor online behalf of our team is directed to us. If you are interested in batteries or battery related equipment please go to and create an account using “RHCB” (case sensitive) for the Registration Code to channel a portion of your purchases to support The Red Hot Chili Bots. Thank you.




Image result for cornwell's turkeyville Haunting the barn at Cornwell’s  has become an annual fundraising activity for the Red Hot Chili Bots and the middle school Technohawks. It also provides us with some fun opportunities to complete some community  service  hours.



Inspiring Students