Weekly Updates

Week 5

This week, the Software Squad is getting the code for driving ready “So, when the bots ready we’re ready.”(Liam R), CAD has finished designing the Robot and the build team has taken over, they plan on being ready and driving half way though the week. Graphics is working hard designing our signature custom buttons for competition.

Week 4

This week, the Software Squad is adding and testing new code, CAD is completing the robot designs so we can build, we are planing on catching up on building since we’ve been falling behind.


Week 3

This week, the Software Squad is working on perfecting the vision code, CAD is finishing up our robot designs so we can start building, and the social team is designing our t-shirts and banners and digitizing them.


Week 2

This week, The Software Squad is writing the code for driving and shooting and working on the vision software. CAD is finalizing robot designs and designing a gear holder to transport gears in. We are also researching how to CNC aluminum. We are working on prototyping and perfecting our shooter for a higher accuracy on the high boiler.


Week 1

This week, The Software Squad is planning on creating any and all subsystems and start laying out the controls. CAD is going to begin working on simple designs. We plan to start strategizing and planning out our new robot for the new game,  disassembling last years robot and, prototyping.

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